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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Eyes (आँखा)

के आँखा तपाईँलाई नानी जस्तै सुन्दर लाग्छ ? 

  1. What do the eyes say?
  2. Eyes are wonderful. The WONDERFUL EYES! The dark garden submersed in the ocean of wide horizon. Behold!! They look into you as if they have known the history. You look into them, they show you the concaveness of their design inside and accomodate all of you living fantasies. What do the eyes suffer? They suffer none. They know the lids close at the nights and yet they are potent enough to rekindle the light into objects, people and life. Hark!! Wonder gleams to the silence and gleam thoughts even at its sublime phase.

  3. What do the eyes believe?
  4. Stupidity!!! We all are the best creatures of this world. We know we will make the difference if only we can act on the supposed universe. Nobody made it... we conjured it in our thoughts and let that drive though our nerves into the eyes. So, we strived to see that through our eyes. We know we all of fine timbre, it's just that the timbre fails to erect with some established frail fibres. We know of steel and we know atom bombs. We know the sky above and the earth below. We do believe whatever happens in between us is our life. Ere' the world persists and the happiness shines!!

  5. What do they fear?
  6. Clarity. It fears the burning fire that has just one existence to destroy. It fears the deep waters of the ocean that submerses anything which can fall there. It fears the dark and cold nights, that can make it misinterpret the structures into any beast it can fear. There are events around it and the brightness on the mid-day, when sun illuminates the core of the elements from the zenith frightens it to lose something it has hidden. It knows the responses of the public when things happen. So, it fears that justice happens when you pass the terms for equality. 
And Behold!!! Life goes on... With you and without you. I desire you very much. I know I would lose myself without you. But even then, my life means more than a vision. It is me!!! I need to know myself before you teach me about the things around me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Installing FPGA in a linux Ubuntu Machine


I just came from Pokhara seeking to learn FPGA and then I was here with Digitronix Nepal's CEO Mr. Krishna Gaihre. He was my college friend and here he was starting up his own Digitronix Lab in view to promote FPGA learners in Nepal. It was really a challenging start to start something that is still a hard liner in the world business in a place where simple electronics design market wasn't in place. People used/actually loved electronic branded products but when it came to going for design it is really like a pedlar asking the home owner to lend him a piece of gold. (It wasn't impossible but still noone was willing to take that ground)

Now, story apart. I really have been full of nonsense with my busy life back in my government job tasks with no useful strategical progresses. Thereby, I started for learning FPGA to the capital city of Nepal with my friend Krishna.

So, what were my challenges. My friend had a Windows machine. Now I needed a Linux trainer for installation and running a ViVado FPGA machine. The problem was there had been updates and the old blogs and microsites stated the problems with past traditional paths and it was really infuriating when things didn't work.

Here I present my story with Xilinx ViVado Linux Edition 2016.1

  1. You can find a Xilinx Fresh installation file from Xilinx Website www.xilinx.com/support/download.html
  2. Choose your machine. In my case it is Ubuntu 16.04
  3. Then in a suitable downloads directory download it.
  4. Then unzip the downloaded tar.gz file.
  5. Well, you could double click on xsetup file. But I would prefer to go this way:
  • Go to Terminal
  • Do cd ~/Downloads/Xilinx
  • chmod +777 ./xsetup
  • sudo ./xsetup
Now the second Story....

    Choose the System Edition

    I chose to not run sudo.. So I got problem with write permission. You could install in different location.
  2. Then after installation you need to find a license file 
  3. So, point you mouse to this link... 
    1. License Link:  
  4.  Then you can follow a tutorial made by my friend to get a license file:
    1. License Generation Technique by Digitronix Nepal..
  5. I guess you have a license file ready at hand...
  6. Now follow these steps as illustrated in the pictures below:

  7. Click the Load License on Left. Then click Copy License.

    Navigate to the downloaded Xilinx.lic file

    Opening the License File

    License Installation Success Page

    View your Host Information if you require in future

    1.  You may then close the Lincense Manager
    2. Now comes another story for running your Vivado Machine. Be careful. Here my major problem remained
  8. I had to navigate to /opt/Xilinx
  9. Then Go to Vivado/2016.1 folder
  10.  Temptation is to sudo run ./settings64.sh 
  11. But as you can see here, I run an error. So do a run without sudo in the script.
  12. In other words... 
    • ./settings64.sh
  13.  Next step is to navigate inside bin... This is where your main application is located
    1. cd bin
  14. Then as usual type: 
    • ./vivado
  15. The program runs.. Hurray!! 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Beauty in a Mess

There is always a soft touch of morning rays upon us at the start. Clear with thoughts we move the shutters of the windows. Then with new vigor we start our day. So many things happen in the meantime. We always start the ruin and end up asking what has been going wrong. Then the evenings are always tackling the created messes into new order. Sometimes it takes a whole night and sometimes it takes just a flick of the hand. But the days are the same. So, the night comes. It is just the chaos of ordinary time that we find new meanings on each day with frustations, fun, enjoyments, adventure and achievements of impact.

People are amazing creatures. They are born toothless, hairless and clawless. Even then with time, they don't get the amazing strength and qualities of magnificient beasts: bears, tigers, panther and whales. They are gifted by communities though: with skills and knowlege, tools and machines and society basins. We choose friends among here, meet our rivals and make up the best choices of life.

Choosing a good partner is always the damned question that keeps pondering inside our brain. Everytime we want to decide our move, we like to check the balance with achievements and losses against emotions. Their words mean so much for us and some words are too much to bear. With laws we seek, we are binded by the inner truth and conscience. Sometimes it makes awful decisions and sometimes it comes out with mindblowing ideas. It is in their circle that we know what we want to tend our ideas into.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Meeting Kunti Moktan's daughter Shubani Moktan and failure to recognise her

Kunti was born in Margaret' Hope tea estate, Darjeeling districtIndia. She moved to KathmanduNepal in 1983 to pursue her musical career. She is married to Sila Bahadur Moktan, who is a Nepalese musician and a lyricist. Her two daughters Shital and Shubani are also musicians.

Rakshya bandhan. Know the mantra

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Create your excel files to update number to words automatically

  1. Start Microsoft Excel.
  2. Press ALT+F11 to start the Visual Basic Editor.
  3. On the Insert menu, click Module.
  4. Type the following code into the module sheet.
    Option Explicit
    'Main Function
    Function SpellNumber(ByVal MyNumber)
        Dim Dollars, Cents, Temp
        Dim DecimalPlace, Count
        ReDim Place(9) As String
        Place(2) = " Thousand "
        Place(3) = " Million "
        Place(4) = " Billion "
        Place(5) = " Trillion "
        ' String representation of amount.
        MyNumber = Trim(Str(MyNumber))
        ' Position of decimal place 0 if none.
        DecimalPlace = InStr(MyNumber, ".")
        ' Convert cents and set MyNumber to dollar amount.
        If DecimalPlace > 0 Then
            Cents = GetTens(Left(Mid(MyNumber, DecimalPlace + 1) & _
                      "00", 2))
            MyNumber = Trim(Left(MyNumber, DecimalPlace - 1))
        End If
        Count = 1
        Do While MyNumber <> ""
            Temp = GetHundreds(Right(MyNumber, 3))
            If Temp <> "" Then Dollars = Temp & Place(Count) & Dollars
            If Len(MyNumber) > 3 Then
                MyNumber = Left(MyNumber, Len(MyNumber) - 3)
                MyNumber = ""
            End If
            Count = Count + 1
        Select Case Dollars
            Case ""
                Dollars = "No Dollars"
            Case "One"
                Dollars = "One Dollar"
             Case Else
                Dollars = Dollars & " Dollars"
        End Select
        Select Case Cents
            Case ""
                Cents = " and No Cents"
            Case "One"
                Cents = " and One Cent"
                  Case Else
                Cents = " and " & Cents & " Cents"
        End Select
        SpellNumber = Dollars & Cents
    End Function
    ' Converts a number from 100-999 into text 
    Function GetHundreds(ByVal MyNumber)
        Dim Result As String
        If Val(MyNumber) = 0 Then Exit Function
        MyNumber = Right("000" & MyNumber, 3)
        ' Convert the hundreds place.
        If Mid(MyNumber, 1, 1) <> "0" Then
            Result = GetDigit(Mid(MyNumber, 1, 1)) & " Hundred "
        End If
        ' Convert the tens and ones place.
        If Mid(MyNumber, 2, 1) <> "0" Then
            Result = Result & GetTens(Mid(MyNumber, 2))
            Result = Result & GetDigit(Mid(MyNumber, 3))
        End If
        GetHundreds = Result
    End Function
    ' Converts a number from 10 to 99 into text. 
    Function GetTens(TensText)
        Dim Result As String
        Result = ""           ' Null out the temporary function value.
        If Val(Left(TensText, 1)) = 1 Then   ' If value between 10-19...
            Select Case Val(TensText)
                Case 10: Result = "Ten"
                Case 11: Result = "Eleven"
                Case 12: Result = "Twelve"
                Case 13: Result = "Thirteen"
                Case 14: Result = "Fourteen"
                Case 15: Result = "Fifteen"
                Case 16: Result = "Sixteen"
                Case 17: Result = "Seventeen"
                Case 18: Result = "Eighteen"
                Case 19: Result = "Nineteen"
                Case Else
            End Select
        Else                                 ' If value between 20-99...
            Select Case Val(Left(TensText, 1))
                Case 2: Result = "Twenty "
                Case 3: Result = "Thirty "
                Case 4: Result = "Forty "
                Case 5: Result = "Fifty "
                Case 6: Result = "Sixty "
                Case 7: Result = "Seventy "
                Case 8: Result = "Eighty "
                Case 9: Result = "Ninety "
                Case Else
            End Select
            Result = Result & GetDigit _
                (Right(TensText, 1))  ' Retrieve ones place.
        End If
        GetTens = Result
    End Function
    ' Converts a number from 1 to 9 into text. 
    Function GetDigit(Digit)
        Select Case Val(Digit)
            Case 1: GetDigit = "One"
            Case 2: GetDigit = "Two"
            Case 3: GetDigit = "Three"
            Case 4: GetDigit = "Four"
            Case 5: GetDigit = "Five"
            Case 6: GetDigit = "Six"
            Case 7: GetDigit = "Seven"
            Case 8: GetDigit = "Eight"
            Case 9: GetDigit = "Nine"
            Case Else: GetDigit = ""
        End Select
    End Function

How to use the SpellNumber sample function

To use the sample functions to change a number to written text, use one of the methods demonstrated in the following examples:

Method 1: Direct Entry

You can change 32.50 into "Thirty Two Dollars and Fifty Cents" by entering the following formula into a cell: