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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Beauty in a Mess

There is always a soft touch of morning rays upon us at the start. Clear with thoughts we move the shutters of the windows. Then with new vigor we start our day. So many things happen in the meantime. We always start the ruin and end up asking what has been going wrong. Then the evenings are always tackling the created messes into new order. Sometimes it takes a whole night and sometimes it takes just a flick of the hand. But the days are the same. So, the night comes. It is just the chaos of ordinary time that we find new meanings on each day with frustations, fun, enjoyments, adventure and achievements of impact.

People are amazing creatures. They are born toothless, hairless and clawless. Even then with time, they don't get the amazing strength and qualities of magnificient beasts: bears, tigers, panther and whales. They are gifted by communities though: with skills and knowlege, tools and machines and society basins. We choose friends among here, meet our rivals and make up the best choices of life.

Choosing a good partner is always the damned question that keeps pondering inside our brain. Everytime we want to decide our move, we like to check the balance with achievements and losses against emotions. Their words mean so much for us and some words are too much to bear. With laws we seek, we are binded by the inner truth and conscience. Sometimes it makes awful decisions and sometimes it comes out with mindblowing ideas. It is in their circle that we know what we want to tend our ideas into.

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